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All is forgotten and cryptic now,
but October in dark shades and quilts,
sunlit promenade a decade ago,
burgundy, saffron, chestnut and olive,
broken heel under the bench,
poems and pumpkin seeds
we pitched lying in the field
of the world-without-end,
orange blouse I wore when he said
I should wear nothing but autumn leaves


Alessandro Nannini
under a blue umbrella
spaghetti and cigarettes,
fruit tea outside
small restaurant wrapped
in a warm summer tulle
among opera houses and cathedrals,
and then, unforeseen,
rain, lighting, hail and shivers.
Hiding inside I ordered Tartufata Nera,
layers of sweet cream and apples
topped with chocolate crumbs.
With every bead in my throat,
gazing out the window
to meet the rain at the other end,
I thought how much my mother,
white-haired and little
far away in four corners,
would love this cake,
and this strange yellow place
with gothic blue columns,
and this funny name Nannini,
and this impulsive European rain

The Gift

He drew a circle in the sand,
another circle, smaller, inside,
he flattened it with his palms
and said: this is a plate
I give it to you

In the night of chiffon sheets,
I gasped: I forgot my plate at the beach.
He laughed: we didn't forget it,
its in our bathtub, its broken now,
I'll mend it back for you

A second collection from the Russian New York poet Marina Rubin is a fusion of feminism and femininity. Rendered with freshness, intensity, wit and sensuality, 50 startling rich poems explore the idea of choices, time, travel, the ecstasies and mysteries of love, the quirky side of single life in New York City.


Paperback 56 pages
Publisher: Wasteland Press: 1st edition (February 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 0974823031
EAN: 9780974823034