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The Left Leg

on the stone steps
behind the seaport
where three bridges
converged into one,
he pulled my left leg
in a big black boot
over his knee & said
that he doesn’t care
for poetry, bagels or
scallions, or the rain
in Boston where he wasn't tonight, or the twelve million years
that needed to be understood in order to understand a minute,
but why would one need a minute when he could have twelve
million years, that none of it ever mattered, he only loved
this left leg in this big black boot

The Orange Butterfly

I pinned an orange butterfly on my blue summer sarafan, the butterfly
I bought some Saturdays ago at the Neptune Avenue flea market
from a woman who had turned into a caterpillar, fluttering:
"its made in Germany, 3 dollars, made in Germany".
Multi-layered enamel on brass, 2 inches wide,
adorned with paisley patterns in iridescent
peach, red, gold, a two-inch world.
I caressed my orange butterfly,
thinking I should buy an orange bag to
go with it and maybe an auburn pashmina,
then of course some taupe tops, chocolate pants,
caramel shoes, yes, I should get some new friends,
attend other parties, lust after other men, live an orange
life, a different life built around this orange butterfly that was
made in Germany, made in Germany, 3 dollars, made in Germany

The Hot-Air Balloon

to let go of the earth
and trust the fire inside the balloon,
to watch the sun rise above the mountains
and cars moving below like spiders on an open palm,
to fall in love with pilot Bill in khaki shorts and bomber
jacket who spurts up fire into the balloon, to remember
the thrifty Cuban lover who stole the balloon and tried
to cross over to Miami, to rely on the winds, to argue
with anyone who says that beauty is in the eyes
of the beholder, beauty is always beauty,
like love, which is always love,
to float in the open air,
to think of self
without ever
the words
me or i

The third and most sophisticated book in the trilogy, Logic is a world where absurdity and reason are intertwined, where diagnosed schizophrenics are the most sound of people, beautiful women can't find a mate and socialites are infinitely lonely. Divided into five sections What, When, Where, Who and Why, this is a ceaseless search for logic behind circumstances.


Paperback 92 pages
Publisher: Wasteland Press: 1st edition (February 26, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600470823
ISBN-13: 978-1600470820